Direct real estate investments are especially sought after in times like these. Small wonder, as high-value real estate combines appealing yield opportunities with maximum safety. Provided of course that one has a partner by one’s side who has both an excellent portfolio and the requisite experience and local knowledge.

Welcome to Arnold Investments – Your broker for professional real estate investments, especially apartment buildings in Vienna.

Since its founding in Vienna in 2009, Arnold Investments has become one of the leading specialists in the field of real estate investments. The first large expansion was the founding of the branches in the East, followed by the Berlin branch. All foreign branches operate under the name Arnold Investments and are 100% subsidiaries of Arnold Immobilien.

In 2019 we continued on the road to becoming an independent European player with the expansion into Spain and Italy. Our brokerage thus follows the dynamic market developments in the neighbouring countries as well as in Southern and Western Europe.

This international presence and our micro- and macro-economic expertise give rise to synergies that our clients appreciate as much as they do our discretion, seriousness and reliability.

Our success confirms our approach: the transaction volume since our foundation has reached around 2 billion euros. In 2019 alone, the Arnold Group brokered more than 500 million euros.

Successful for years. Founded in 2009.


milestones & key facts about our business

2 specialists


Foundation of Arnold Investments in Vienna


Establishment of an in-house IT system


Establishment of the Prague branch


Establishment of the Bratislava branch


Establishment of the Budapest branch

7 Countries

Locations in 7 countries


Establishment of the commercial department


Establishment of the acquisition department

30% international

Cross-border activities


Establishment of the Berlin branch


Establishment of the Milan and Madrid branches

500 million transaction volume


2 Billion

Transaction volume since foundation

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Knowing what the future is worth:

The dynamic property evaluation of Arnold Immobilien/Arnold Investments.

All our know-how, and the added value for our clients, flows into the dynamic property evaluation developed by us based on our market knowledge and our network.

Ultimately, it’s not just the fundamentals that are crucial for a positive transaction but also, in particular, the location, use, tenant structure, building condition, development potential, floor plan optimisation, future urban development plans, future zoning plans and the local neighbourhood. We use all these parameters to forecast the best price or the property’s potential.

We can do this for all countries in which we have a presence, draw comparisons and so give you the best possible advice in your investment decision.

Security and trustworthiness

Arnold Investments relies on an internal CRM system with its own servers. In addition, we almost exclusively broker off-market offerings and have developed a technical ecosystem for our clients that is transparent and ensures that the strictest confidentiality is assured within the company.

This development would not be possible without trust and the ultimate personal discretion of every single employee when dealing with highly sensitive data.

Our most important asset: excellent market knowledge.

Our exclusive, largely unadvertised offering includes a large number of apartment buildings, plots and commercial properties such as office buildings, warehouse stores and hotels at seven locations across Europe. But we’d rather discuss our current portfolio in person. Get a non-binding consultation.

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Less talking means more discretion:

We ensure absolute discretion through a single point of contact, meaning that a single personal interlocutor is at your side for all your activities. Only your trusted interlocutor has access to your personal data (“Chinese walls”); in addition, we mostly provide off-market offerings. Of course all documents are always safely recorded and every process step is transparent.

We move with absolute security:

Our client data is held in secured in-house databases. Furthermore, all communications – from mobile phones to e-mails – are encrypted according to the latest standards. Continuous, standardised audits of all systems guarantee this high level of safety, as does the constant further development of the system with regular updates and the maintenance and expansion of all system-relevant areas.

Access rights are restricted, logged and equipped with multiple security mechanisms. And we have placed all our internal hardware systems in server rooms secured against unauthorised access.