No other capitals in Europe are closer together than Bratislava and Vienna. Located at a tripoint between Austria and Hungary, the city is the economic and cultural centre of Slovakia and generates almost 1/3 of Slovakia's GDP.

Bratislava offers the highest ratio of inhabitants to sales space in retail outlets all over Europe – making it a hotspot for shopping aficionados.

Our office is situated in the old town, not far away from the banks of the Danube. As one of the first foreign branch offices, Bratislava has an experienced and vigorous team of experts that has been keeping up the good works since it was founded in 2015. This is one of the reasons why a part of our in-house research department is located here. Together with the headquarters in Vienna it is responsible for allocating and processing all necessary data for the evaluation and transaction of our objects for the entire group. This guarantees utmost the security, up-to-dateness and discretion of all data.

“We are operating out of a region which belongs to the most dynamic growing ones within the European Union.

For us it is business-as-usual to bridge to our neighbouring countries and establish long-lasting client relationships.

Overall, our international network and deep understanding of the local market secure the ongoing success.”

Ervin Palfy, Country Manager

Bratislava Team

Ervin Palfy,Country Manager SK,,+421 2 33 104 021

Ervin Palfy Country Manager SK

+421 2 33 104 021

Robert Slezák,Investment Broker,,+421 2 33 104 018

Robert Slezák Investment Broker

+421 2 33 104 018

Katarína Busková,Office Manager SK,,+421 2 33 104 000

Katarína Busková Office Manager SK

+421 2 33 104 000

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