Spain lies behind Europe regarding developing properties for residential use and therefore has a great potential for real estate investments.

In the capital of Spain, the Spanish royal residence, our branch office is located in the historical centre on one of the most famous squares of Madrid - near the Congreso de los Diputados, the Palace Hotel and the Prado museum.

Arnold Investments SL is located in a historic building. The location is one of the youngest in the group and also one of the most dynamic.

An utmost high client service level is guaranteed by a cohesive team with deep local knowledge and a wealth of contacts with buyers and sellers.

“Spain is a welcoming market for foreign investors appreciating sound real estate assessments and doing business in a professional and easy way.

In our location in Madrid we combine fantastic business opportunities with a city where everybody is welcome to visit and do business.”

Manuel de Salinas de Pablo-Romero, Country Manager

Madrid Team

Manuel Salinas,Country Manager ES,,+34 917 930 341

Manuel Salinas Country Manager ES

+34 917 930 341

Rosa Fernandez,Office Manager ES,,+34 917 930 349

Rosa Fernandez Office Manager ES

+34 917 930 349

Rafael Domecq,Investment Broker,,+34 917 930 345

Rafael Domecq Investment Broker

+34 917 930 345

José Acha-Orbea,Investment Broker,,+34 917 930 343

José Acha-Orbea Investment Broker

+34 917 930 343

Guillermo López,Investment Broker,,+34 917 930 342

Guillermo López Investment Broker

+34 917 930 342

Javier Carabias,Investment Broker,,+34 917 930 344

Javier Carabias Investment Broker

+34 917 930 344

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