Inflation fuels demand for core products

Munich, 5 October 2022 — “In view of the current challenges, the need for exchange is greater than ever”, reports Markus Arnold, sole owner and CEO of Arnold Investments, from the Munich Expo Real 2022. The dominant topic at the trade fair is inflation, which according to one of Europeans leading investment broker continues to ensure good demand. “Solid real estates are an effective protection against inflation”, was the summary of numerous investor talks.

Accordingly, there is particular interest in core products, especially in the residential and office space segments. Due to the good demand, the prices in these asset classes are likely to remain stable. “Properties with a long-term cash flow offer a safe haven in turbulent times”, says Markus Arnold.

The Hospitality asset class is also surprisingly popular now. For example, in 2021, the investment volume in Austria reached the level of the 5-year average for the first time at just over 550 million euros. In general, Markus Arnold is more likely to expect price corrections for properties in C or B locations. Similar trends can currently be observed in all European markets in which the company operates.

Arnold Investments
@ EXPO Real 2022

The increased international demand is met with a stronger appearance at the trade show. Traditionally, the fair is a crowd-puller for German investors and thus the most important event of the year for the German branch of the company. In Munich, Arnold Investments is well represented by the management teams from all ten European branches.

The Berlin office, which has significantly grown in the fourth year of its existence, was one of the company’s most successful foreign branches last year, along with Spain and Slovakia.

Most successful year since foundation

The Arnold Group expects 2022 to be the most successful year in the company’s history. With presently around 100 transactions and a planned volume of over 700 million euros, the most successful financial year since foundation is already on the horizon — the results of Expo Real not yet taken into account.

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