Berlin, 28 September 2021Arnold Investments GmbH, the investment brokerage company founded three years ago in Germany, reports about thriving business development. "More than 100 mandates for the sale of properties, and more than 2,400 customers, mainly institutional investors including family offices, funds, and project developers as well as high net worth individuals, are being served by us according to the highest Arnold Investments standards," reports Jochen Maurer, Country Manager at Arnold Investments Germany.

The Berlin-based office is a subsidiary of the Arnold Group, which is specialized in the brokerage of European premium investment properties.

Security & Returns

In addition to residential properties, there is currently a particular demand for care and logistics properties on the German market.

"Recently, the customer demand is adopting to socio-demographic developments which means that the demand has been increasing also on regions away from the urban areas and focusing on suburbs, rural areas," explains Maurer. “Investors seeking higher return opportunities are increasingly looking at our foreign markets. As a portfolio diversification, solid logistics real estate in Slovakia, Italy or other European countries, are being taken into consideration. If foreign investors want to buy stability into the portfolio, the safe real estate haven of Germany scores points for returns."

So far, cross-border business represents 30 percent of the deals closed annually by Arnold Investments - and shows rising tendency. In many cases, Corona has made investors even more security-conscious. "Our quality of support which is one of our unique selling prepositions is very welcomed by our German customers." emphasises Maurer.

Before entering the real estate business, Jochen Maurer was Head of Private Banking in an international bank for nearly 30 years serving high net worth individuals always focusing on individual needs. With this background, his knowhow and profile match perfectly to the corporate standards and philosophy of Markus Arnold, founder and CEO of the Arnold Group - since Markus Arnold aligned his company closely to the principles and standards of private banking.

Arnold Investments serves the Berlin metropolitan region with a team of seven employees and is active throughout Germany.

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